Alec Templeton. Teaching Youngsters English
Alec Templeton:  Teaching Youngsters English – with Techniques and Materials for Age 4-10

Rendkívül gazdag magángyűjtemény az angol órához, melyhez a szerző módszertani javaslatokat is tesz. 

A rich collection of materials!

“It’s amazing how fast five-to-nine-year-olds can learn a second language if given the right inputs and a playful environment. By using traditional hands-on action rhymes, finger plays, singing games, conversational exchanges, counting-out rhymes, tongue-twisters, stories and little play scenes we can improve language teaching in the first few years without electronic media.” Alec Templeton

72 oldal, spirálozott könyv, ár 3990 Ft

ISBN.978 963 12 78 70 5 



‘This book is recommended to both new and experienced English Teachers. I wish I had this collection of materials and ideas earlier in my foreign teaching carreer.’ M Hevesi

‘Based on the author’s own extensive and innovative teaching practice, this book offers a broad range of highly stimulating and practical resources for language teaching. It will prove invaluable for all EFL teachers.’ Dr. Peter Lutzker, teacher trainer

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